Sunday, March 8, 2015

Review of "becoming myself" by Stasi Eldredge

Disclaimer: I was provided a copy of this DVD study by Family Christian I have not been paid all thoughts and opinions contained is this post are mine.

I was given an opportunity to review a DVD bible study called "becoming myself" I jumped on the opportunity to do so. There  are so many women and teens that try to be someone they are not to fit in. I have struggled with this problem myself as an adult. There are 8 sessions on the DVD
1) does anyone really change?
2) looking back with mercy
3) our mothers, ourselves
4) from accepting to embracing
5) the company of women
6) stumbling into freedom
7) becoming a woman of faith and worship
8) becoming our true name

I took this opportunity to really embrace this study it was almost as if God was calling my name for this opportunity. There are 2 of the lessons that really spoke to me, the first one was lesson 3 our mothers, ourselves and becoming our true name. Growing up I was mostly raised by my dad and step-mother, (she was more of a mother than my birth mom). My mom and dad got divorced when I just 3 yrs old when they divorced I lived with my mother after about 6 months my mother decided I was more than she could handle so she gave me up to my dad and who was soon to be my "mother'. As I got older I always got the feeling I wasn't wanted because I lived back and forth between my mom and dad and at one point lived at a girls ranch because I took out all of the ill feelings I had toward my mother out on my dad and stepmother.
In the lesson our mothers, ourselves, I truly took a look back at my mother and step mother and myself. Mothers are meant to teach, instruct, counsel, guide, comfort and give wisdom. Our mothers have more influence on us than we think. Mothers can withhold acceptance, we base our worth and value on this fact. For most of my life I have felt I had no worth and very little self esteem until I found God. There are several things that really hit home the way our mothers mother us or not mother us does not have to be a life sentence. this is when we really need to lean on God more to become who we are meant to be. Ask God to send someone to mother us where we still need it. The bible verse that was used is Psalm 131:2.

The second lesson that really spoke to me was lesson 8 becoming our true name. We are our own worst enemy some of the things we say to ourselves we would not dare say to anyone else. When God looks at us he sees none our flaws he sees us as beautiful, pure, and spotless. We need to see ourselves as God does and become her and step into her. God sees us through the blood of his son Jesus Christ. We always seem to be looking for something or someone to fill that emptiness in us, once we find God we find the love we have been looking for all of our lives he has never taken his eyes off of us. We do not live a purpose driven life we live an identity life. The true key to becoming our self is we can't without Christ in us. We are meant to live lives of significance for a  higher purpose. Apart from God we are nothing, the women we are meant to become is the women we are.

This has truly been an eye opening experience. To learn that I was looking for acceptance from someone or something all of my life and all I had to do was to find God, now that I have truly found God I can become who I am supposed to be. I can become the woman of power and set the world on fire!
It is this writers opinion if you are struggling with who you are or trying to become who God intended you to be, you need to get this study there is also a study book and is meant for small groups. It would do great as a bible study for a group of friends.
.you can find Becoming Myself at Family Christian


  1. This sounds like an amazing study, and one you really got a lot out of! I will definitely have to look into it myself! :)

  2. I loved the personal stories you shared about how the Bible study impacted you. That's what it's all about!! This sounds like a good one. We'll be checking it out.