Saturday, February 21, 2015

Review of "Freshman Making Faith Your Priority"

I was given the honor of being able to review "Freshman Making Faith Your Priority" by Lars Rood. I am glad I was given this opportunity because I have a child that is at the end of his 8th grade year so that chapter will be closing and he will be opening a new chapter as a freshman in high school. This year will be bitter sweet my middle son will be playing his last spring game as a chief and my youngest will be playing his fist spring game as a chief.
This book is truly amazing it really helps the target audience get a feeling of what is to come. It would be great for you and your child to do together so that you both can understand what is about to happen. My 14 yr old has always had problems he has Asperger's Syndrome, he is very high functioning and has come a long way. I gave the book to my son to read and to pick out 2 devotionals to do and answer the questions so that I would be able to give an accurate review of the books target audience.
The book is a 30 day devotional book that  is broke up into 3 sections
"A Whole Year of Firsts"
"Growing in Faith"
"Where is Jesus"
Each devotional has 5 sections, the devotional reading, questions to think about, the world thinks, act and a list of scriptures to read. My son chose devotional # 1 and #2
#1 The first day
1) How might you want to reach out to hurting people at your school? (yes as a freshman you can still have an impact.)
his answer "Pray for them"
2) Do you want faith to be a part of your life at school this year? If so why?
his answer "Yes so God can guide me"
3) What things do you want to "bring "with you from your last school, and what things do you want to "leave" behind?
His answer "bring my friends, leave behind bad memories"
#2 "The First Temptations?
1) How do you protect yourself from making bad choices?
His answers " choose good friends and avoid peer pressure"
2) What are some things that you know could potentially be major temptations to you?
his answer "stay with good friends and avoid peer pressure and bad situations"
3) How do temptations and struggle play into your faith journey?
His answer "because of the choices you make"
If you are interested in purchasing this Devotional you may do so by clicking on the link below.
Family Christian "Freshman Making Faith Your Priority"


  1. What an exciting (and slightly terrifying) time! My little ones are only 7 and 1 so we are nowhere near needing these yet, but I love that they are available for those that do!!

  2. I feel you! My oldest is starting high school in the fall and my youngest son is starting kindergarten. This sounds like a really neat book that would be perfect for my 14 year old!

  3. We were blessed in that my daughter attended a faith based school all of her educational life until her freshman year of high school. She then switched to an arts based high school. Where she found the absence of faith, she brought her own. I was both excited and grateful to watch that happen..I was also nervous - it is a lot for young people to bring faith into a faithless place! This is a great book to have on hand for help and encouragement.