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Review of "The Advocate" by Randy Singer

Disclosure I was provided with a free copy of The Advocate by Randy singer. I have not been compensated in any way the thoughts in this review are mine and mine alone.
Warning this book has very descriptive details about crucifixion, punishment of various characters,
and the sacrifices of animals.
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I had the wonderful opportunity of reviewing a book by the name of "The Advocate" by Randy Singer. Before this review I had never heard of Randy Singer, but after this book I will never forget him and will look for more books written by him to read. This book took over 5 years to write due to the historical research and took in to account several non fiction books written by friends and colleagues that he based several scenes out of the book on. The Advocate is Randy Singers first work of historical fiction. The Advocate is told in first person until chapter 87 when it starts being told in third person once it turns to third person it kind of seems fractured compared to the rest of the book.

In the opening pages of the book we are given a list of the characters of the book it is notated be each character weather they are a historical figure, fictional character, historical figure whom little is known, and an historical figure whose name is unknown.

"The Advocate"  starts off in the 11th year of the reign of Tiberius Julius Caesar Agustus. The book follows Theophilus from the age of 14. Theophilus is listed in the cast of characters as a historical figure about whom little is known..

In the opening scenes of the book Seneca is teaching his 12 students about what it meant to be crucified. Seneca tried to make it as real as he could the boys had to carry their own cross and the Roman legionnaire brought up the rear.  Caligula and Theophilus got into a fight, later that night Caligula and his friends had revenge on their mind they drug Theophilus out of his bunk they tied his arms and feet they then began to kick him because he was blindfolded he could not see who all was involved and he had a rag stuffed in his mouth so he can't scream for help. The boys carried Theophilus to where they had been that day where they learned what it meant to be crucified. The group of boys proceeded to put Theophilus on the cross they tied him instead of nailing him to the cross but it still had the same effect he felt like he was going to truly die that night if it had not been for his good friend Marcus he may have died that night. Theophilus was withdrawn from school and was sent to Greece to continue his studies.

When Theophilus returned to Rome he saw Seneca and Seneca enlists his help to help put an end to the gladiator games. Seneca introduced Theophilus to Flavia one of the vestal virgins. He develops an attraction to her


  At age twenty, Theophilus was appointed as chief legal advisor to Pontius Pilate. It was during this time that Theophilus encountered Jesus and faced his first true test—one in which altered the course of history. Theophilus was there at the trial of Jesus and he felt responsible for an innocent man being crucified. When his service to Pilate ended, Theophilus returned to his beloved Rome to find mayhem in the senate and a lethally paranoid emperor. In the midst of this environment, Theophilus begins his career as an advocate—attempting to navigate the treacherous political waters of a failed republic and an insane emperor. With excellent historical details and strong spiritual components, The Advocate brings to life the story of Theophilus.

When Theophilus returned to Rome he started his job as an acesore. There were many trials going on for treason. Many years down the road Flavia and Theophilus were married and had a son by the name of Manetus. Theophilus was sought out to defend Paul for crimes against Rome for preaching of the "way". This is the trial that changes the fate of an empire. Paul is found guilty of his charges but to everyone's surprise he was set free. While meeting with Paul and Luke Theophilus and his family were converted to Christians and were baptized by Paul. Soon Paul left on his journey to preach the gospel to anyone that will listen.

Rome was set on fire most of Rome was destroyed. there was whispers of Nero starting the fire. Nero found a group to blame it on the Christians while Theophilus was taking his son to the boat to go to Greece to continue his education,. Upon returning to his home he saw that it was in ashes he found out that they had all been arrested and charged with arson.

This is the point in the book where is gets really graphic as far as what happens to the Christians that were found guilty of arson.
Very good book once you get past of all of the history detailed in the book. Was hard to get into but getting to a certain point you get to where you don't want to put the book down.

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