Sunday, March 29, 2015

Review of "Runaway Radical" by Amy Hollingsworth and JonathanHollingsworth

Disclosure I was given a free copy of this book from Family Christian to give an honest review. I am not  being compensated in any way. All of the contents and thoughts in this blog are mine and mine alone.
I had a really hard time getting into the book at first because it seems to jump back and forth between what is currently going on and what has happened in the past.  He mentioned several times "Does God really see all of the suffering in the world?' I had my review written and ready to go but something inside me told me I wasn't getting the point of the story so I have reread the book 2 more times.

Lets first look at the definition of  what a runaway radical according to a runaway - changes ones life drastically, radical-a person who holds or follows strong convictions or extreme principals. Jonathan was considered a runaway radical. Jonathan began taking his promise of a dream and giving it away freely never caring after it left his hands.

The story begins with Amy and Jonathon riding in the car with his mom embarrassed because his friends did not have to go to church, that's when all of the questions started. The questions kept coming and the answers too. He finally told his mom the true story about what happened in the car that day when he got back from Africa. When he got back from Africa things shifted and his story got rewritten. Then the story jumps to weighing his bags and making sure the suitcases weighed less than 50lbs which was the limit for international flights.

Jonathan had been on a 2 week mission trip to France at the age of 16 and then when he was 19 he went on a mission trip to Honduras. He was saving his money to go to Honduras again. He had $1000 saved and he wrecked his truck and it took all he had to fix it. He discussed plans with his parents that he would go to college for 2 years then take a year off for missionary work.
Jonathan gave away all of his belongings because he felt if he lived comfortable that he could not help the homeless. He began to sleep in his closet.

On one of the times that he was able to slip out he met a farmer and asked him if he had any religious affiliation he said he was not a Christian he talked to God and he read the Bible but did not go to church. Jonathan making sure he was out of earshot told the farmer that not to let anyone tell him just because he didn't go to church that he was not a Christian, Jonathan would not let anyone in church hear him make that statement.

Before Jonathan left for Africa he was asked if he was scared to go to Africa and his answer was no. Jonathan had repercussions from Africa they knew of the malnutrition and depression. At one time they were on the way to get the results from his blood work and he told his mom I know  I am going  to regret saying this, I think God hates me.

Jonathan endured his worst experience in Africa.  He was pretty much on house arrest he was told who he could be around and who was not the right Christians. While is Africa he was living in a Christian culture that drew the line between them selves and the outside world.
It all comes down to this once home Jonathan went into a self destructive path, because he felt that he had not met the impossible standards and felt he could never meet them, Jonathan  stopped trying and reversed by bringing suffering on himself  he self medicated and self destructed.

The question for Jon when he was going to Africa what can I do for God once there it became what can God do for me?

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  1. sounds like a good book. giving away all your things to see what God has for you to do elsewhere is a big change.