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Review of "A Warriors Faith" The Story of Ryan Job

Disclosure I was given a free copy of this book by Family Christian for review I am not receiving any compensation for this the thoughts in this blog are mine and mine alone. This is a very moving inspirational book that is a short 200 pages that Robert Vera accounts the story of Ryan Job from seal training through his injury and what he would endure after. Especially the faith he Had in God who sustained him through it all. In the opening of the book Vera does state that this is a true account of his dialogue, interviews, journal writings, conversations and memory. The very fist line in chapter one I found to be ironic because I have always been taught God puts you where he wants you and where you need to be at that moment. "I don't believe in coincidence. There is a plan for each of us, a force that brings each of us together, then twists and binds us into a single length of rope attached to our shared destiny. You were meant to read these words. This story is for you and is now part of your plan."

 Ryan's lifelong dream was to be a Navy Seal then after a few years trade his gun to be a Top Gun. Having your pilots license improved your chances of becoming a navy pilot he saved nearly $20,000 by working after school as a janitor 2 yrs later he had his pilot's license. Ryan went to college at the University of Washington for 3 years then he quit and joined the Navy. Ryan was a husky fellow he was assigned a BUD and it was told that if both did not complete the 4 mile run in the required time they both failed. Ryan had several setbacks. Ryan was a marked man all of the instructors the meanest, hardest put Ryan through the worst possible legal, mental, physical, and emotional abuse trying to break him, but by the end he broke them and they loved him.

Upon completion of Seal training Ryan was assigned to seal team 3 it was tradition that new members were hazed at every turn. Ryan's hardest toughest critic became his best friend Chris Kyle. In April 2006 he arrived at his first combat duty station 7000 miles from home in the most dangerous  city in the world Ramadi, Iraq. If you have seen the movie American Sniper Ryan Job was the man down that was with Chris Kyle on the rooftop Ryan was shot by an enemy sniper when Chris was calling all of the team to see if they were ok Ryan did not answer Chris realized one half of Ryan's face had been blown off, his jaw bone, eye socket was blown away and his eye was gone.

Ryan had something in common with Job from the Bible they would both face the fight of their life.
Ryan did not let his blindness affect his drive at all and he used his blindness to talk to others and it only made his faith stronger. Chris always felt guilt because he was not the one shot.  When Ryan arrived stateside at Bethesda Medical center, Amy who was a traveling nurse that he met shortly before his deployment heard about what has happened and came to be by his side she ran and coordinated his medical care. Amy and Ryan were later married at he time of his death they were expecting.

 If this book tells us anything we must bring away with us that God is there and will be with all of us and transform us to the mold he has chosen for our life. War is not of God it is man that war is mans doing. One of the major things that really helped Ryan was he met up with several other SEALS they called themselves SSITH "SEALS shot in the head" it would this group that Ryan completed what everyone was impossible they climber Mt Ranier.

I am not going to ruin the ending of the book for you but it is so ironic that Ryan received an injury that should have killed him in Iraq on 8/2/06 and it was a hospital stateside that wound up killing him on 9/24/09.
The SEALS are a brotherhood it was heard in no time about Ryan's death all of the SEALS from around the globe retired and active duty were ordered to Arizona
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Review of "Runaway Radical" by Amy Hollingsworth and JonathanHollingsworth

Disclosure I was given a free copy of this book from Family Christian to give an honest review. I am not  being compensated in any way. All of the contents and thoughts in this blog are mine and mine alone.
I had a really hard time getting into the book at first because it seems to jump back and forth between what is currently going on and what has happened in the past.  He mentioned several times "Does God really see all of the suffering in the world?' I had my review written and ready to go but something inside me told me I wasn't getting the point of the story so I have reread the book 2 more times.

Lets first look at the definition of  what a runaway radical according to a runaway - changes ones life drastically, radical-a person who holds or follows strong convictions or extreme principals. Jonathan was considered a runaway radical. Jonathan began taking his promise of a dream and giving it away freely never caring after it left his hands.

The story begins with Amy and Jonathon riding in the car with his mom embarrassed because his friends did not have to go to church, that's when all of the questions started. The questions kept coming and the answers too. He finally told his mom the true story about what happened in the car that day when he got back from Africa. When he got back from Africa things shifted and his story got rewritten. Then the story jumps to weighing his bags and making sure the suitcases weighed less than 50lbs which was the limit for international flights.

Jonathan had been on a 2 week mission trip to France at the age of 16 and then when he was 19 he went on a mission trip to Honduras. He was saving his money to go to Honduras again. He had $1000 saved and he wrecked his truck and it took all he had to fix it. He discussed plans with his parents that he would go to college for 2 years then take a year off for missionary work.
Jonathan gave away all of his belongings because he felt if he lived comfortable that he could not help the homeless. He began to sleep in his closet.

On one of the times that he was able to slip out he met a farmer and asked him if he had any religious affiliation he said he was not a Christian he talked to God and he read the Bible but did not go to church. Jonathan making sure he was out of earshot told the farmer that not to let anyone tell him just because he didn't go to church that he was not a Christian, Jonathan would not let anyone in church hear him make that statement.

Before Jonathan left for Africa he was asked if he was scared to go to Africa and his answer was no. Jonathan had repercussions from Africa they knew of the malnutrition and depression. At one time they were on the way to get the results from his blood work and he told his mom I know  I am going  to regret saying this, I think God hates me.

Jonathan endured his worst experience in Africa.  He was pretty much on house arrest he was told who he could be around and who was not the right Christians. While is Africa he was living in a Christian culture that drew the line between them selves and the outside world.
It all comes down to this once home Jonathan went into a self destructive path, because he felt that he had not met the impossible standards and felt he could never meet them, Jonathan  stopped trying and reversed by bringing suffering on himself  he self medicated and self destructed.

The question for Jon when he was going to Africa what can I do for God once there it became what can God do for me?

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Review of "The Advocate" by Randy Singer

Disclosure I was provided with a free copy of The Advocate by Randy singer. I have not been compensated in any way the thoughts in this review are mine and mine alone.
Warning this book has very descriptive details about crucifixion, punishment of various characters,
and the sacrifices of animals.
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I had the wonderful opportunity of reviewing a book by the name of "The Advocate" by Randy Singer. Before this review I had never heard of Randy Singer, but after this book I will never forget him and will look for more books written by him to read. This book took over 5 years to write due to the historical research and took in to account several non fiction books written by friends and colleagues that he based several scenes out of the book on. The Advocate is Randy Singers first work of historical fiction. The Advocate is told in first person until chapter 87 when it starts being told in third person once it turns to third person it kind of seems fractured compared to the rest of the book.

In the opening pages of the book we are given a list of the characters of the book it is notated be each character weather they are a historical figure, fictional character, historical figure whom little is known, and an historical figure whose name is unknown.

"The Advocate"  starts off in the 11th year of the reign of Tiberius Julius Caesar Agustus. The book follows Theophilus from the age of 14. Theophilus is listed in the cast of characters as a historical figure about whom little is known..

In the opening scenes of the book Seneca is teaching his 12 students about what it meant to be crucified. Seneca tried to make it as real as he could the boys had to carry their own cross and the Roman legionnaire brought up the rear.  Caligula and Theophilus got into a fight, later that night Caligula and his friends had revenge on their mind they drug Theophilus out of his bunk they tied his arms and feet they then began to kick him because he was blindfolded he could not see who all was involved and he had a rag stuffed in his mouth so he can't scream for help. The boys carried Theophilus to where they had been that day where they learned what it meant to be crucified. The group of boys proceeded to put Theophilus on the cross they tied him instead of nailing him to the cross but it still had the same effect he felt like he was going to truly die that night if it had not been for his good friend Marcus he may have died that night. Theophilus was withdrawn from school and was sent to Greece to continue his studies.

When Theophilus returned to Rome he saw Seneca and Seneca enlists his help to help put an end to the gladiator games. Seneca introduced Theophilus to Flavia one of the vestal virgins. He develops an attraction to her


  At age twenty, Theophilus was appointed as chief legal advisor to Pontius Pilate. It was during this time that Theophilus encountered Jesus and faced his first true test—one in which altered the course of history. Theophilus was there at the trial of Jesus and he felt responsible for an innocent man being crucified. When his service to Pilate ended, Theophilus returned to his beloved Rome to find mayhem in the senate and a lethally paranoid emperor. In the midst of this environment, Theophilus begins his career as an advocate—attempting to navigate the treacherous political waters of a failed republic and an insane emperor. With excellent historical details and strong spiritual components, The Advocate brings to life the story of Theophilus.

When Theophilus returned to Rome he started his job as an acesore. There were many trials going on for treason. Many years down the road Flavia and Theophilus were married and had a son by the name of Manetus. Theophilus was sought out to defend Paul for crimes against Rome for preaching of the "way". This is the trial that changes the fate of an empire. Paul is found guilty of his charges but to everyone's surprise he was set free. While meeting with Paul and Luke Theophilus and his family were converted to Christians and were baptized by Paul. Soon Paul left on his journey to preach the gospel to anyone that will listen.

Rome was set on fire most of Rome was destroyed. there was whispers of Nero starting the fire. Nero found a group to blame it on the Christians while Theophilus was taking his son to the boat to go to Greece to continue his education,. Upon returning to his home he saw that it was in ashes he found out that they had all been arrested and charged with arson.

This is the point in the book where is gets really graphic as far as what happens to the Christians that were found guilty of arson.
Very good book once you get past of all of the history detailed in the book. Was hard to get into but getting to a certain point you get to where you don't want to put the book down.

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Pattern Testing for Create Kids Couture

From time to time I get the wonderful pleasure of being able to test patterns for Create Kids Couture. You can't take testing lightly the designers need real and honest feedback. It is a long process that goes into the design of the pattern til the release of the pattern because the instructions have to be perfect as well as the fit so that they can make the patterns the best they can be for the customers to be able to easily understand the pattern and to be able to make a beautiful quality product. Sometimes there have to be several rounds of testing to get it just right. There are not just the designers that help to make this happen they have many employees that work behind the scenes to make it possible for us to enjoy these wonderful patterns.  Here are a few that I have gotten to test recently. Testing is a job you do not get paid for but it gives you the opportunity to be a part of seeing a design come to life plus it gives you a reason to sew for your precious little ones. Here are some pictures of some of the past items I have been able to test. With little ones it is not the easiest to get good pictures. The link below each picture will take you to the site to purchase the pattern. I will be sharing many more later


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Prayer for an amazing God filled man

My heart goes out to Mark Hall as he battles cancer. I would also like to lift up his family,his band family Casting Crowns, as well as the youth that he leads at his church. Casting Crowns music has help me through many storms. We need to lift him up and help him through his storm.i have seem them many times his testamony has helped many people.
mark hall

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Review "Confessions of a Prodigal Son

.Many of us are familiar with the tale of the prodigal son which is told in Luke 15:11-32. It is the tale of a man with 2 sons one of which wanted his inheritance early cause it was his. A few days he left. The older son stayed with his dad after quite a while the son returned home and admitted he had sinned against his father and Heaven. He told his dad he was no longer worthy to be called his son and wanted to be treated like a servant his father took him in his arms as if he had never left. The father got a robe for him and a ring to go on his hand. and had the fattened calf and prepared and had a feast and celebration because his son was dead, now is alive; he was lost now he is found. The father told his older son what's mine is yours and told him he is always with him.

I got the privilege of reviewing the new movie that comes out March the 15th 'Called the Confessions of a Prodigal Son" the movie stars Kevin Sorbo, Nathan Clarkson, and Racheal Lee. I was provided a free copy of the movie by Family Christian. I was not compensated  for reviewing this movie you can click this link to preorder the movie Family Christian "Confessions of a Prodigal Son"

I give this movie a 5 star review. The movie is a more modern take on the story from the BibleThe movie opens with Sean in bed waking up and is late to class it shows at the bottom of the screen two years later. He arrives late to his class, the professor really lays into him. The professor makes it clear that he will not caudle the students and that in this class and that  they will be writing their story. My favorite line of the movie has to be "I am not going to caudle your spoiled ideas of life or what you think life should be" this was the speech that the professor at the beginning of the class. My next favorite line in the movie is also from the professor " in this class when you speak it will be bound in the upmost of sense and grounded in truth."

We are not given the story of how it all started at one time it comes in flashbacks through the movie. After class Sean and his best friend (who is a bad influence) are walking away from class they run into one of Seans former friend from the youth group at his church where we find out his dad is a pastor. Sean meets Ali who is a young girl trying to find something deeper in life.The main line Sean keeps saying in the movie is that he wanted to live life his way without anyone telling him what to do or having someone wanting him to be a certain way, and that he was tired of having God shoved down his throat. we find out that the deal is he was given half of his college fund and if he stayed in school, make straight A's, and if he can make the money last the 2 years.

All at once Sean's life starts to spin out of control his professor told him that he was not going to pass him, he is called to the deans office and was expelled from school because of vandalism that was discovered by an online video and was fined 10,000 dollars, the girl he was talking to decided she wanted nothing more to do with him, he gets evicted from his apartment, wrecks his car while chasing after Ali. After all of this he begins questioning everything that he thought he knew.
Sean's dad is at the pulpit about to start his sermon for that day and said he decided to not preach that sermon and he begins talking about how his won had left home 2 yrs earlier. When church lets out
we see Sean walking to the Church his dad is a pastor of carrying a box with the only belongings that he owns, his parents run to him and put their arms around him as if the past 2 yrs had not happened.

I highly recommend purchasing this movie especially if you have a teen who complains about rules at home and always saying I could do better on my own. Maybe by seeing this movie they will change the way they feel about things.

This story really speaks to me because I am the mother of 3 boys ages 20, 17, and 14. Several years ago my oldest son did not like my rules and did  not want to follow my rules he got into a lot of trouble he got on drugs I sent him to rehab at 15 in December of 2009. By august of the next year he was in way deeper than he was before he was sent to boot camp by the juvenile system. After he got out he went to live with his father from September of  2011 until he got in trouble again he went to juvenile in the county his dad lived in he was in juvenile for a week he got out and was given the opportunity to go through drug court and if he had completed it his record would have been cleared. His dad gave him much more freedom than I did, at the age of 16 his dad let his 19 yr old girlfriend move in and at the age of 16 he found out his girlfriend was pregnant. Needless to say he got in trouble yet again and went back to juvenile and was sent to a 90 day rehab program for juvenile offenders. After this happened his dad was done with him so in January of 2012 he came to live with me again despite the feeling of my other 2 boys and my husband. 3 days after he got out at the age of 17. Sorry for going on about my experience because there is way more to the story. He is now 20 has been married going through a divorce and has 2 children by 2 different women he has gotten into much more trouble after moving back in with me. he was arrested in Feb of last year spent 19  days in jail he was charged with 3 felonies and 2 misdemeanors and was facing prison time but they arranged a plea bargain where he is on probation for 2 yrs. I guess he just doesn't learn he has had 2 positive drug test that he tested positive for drugs the first time the judge allowed him out on ROR because it was his first drug test after probation. The second time he tested positive he did not have bail and the da was wanting to revoke his probation and him have to serve 3 yrs in prison. for some reason the judge likes him. while going through divorce he has primary custody of hi daughter.
Needless to say no matter what our children do or the mistakes they make we accept them unconditionally and will always take them back. Just as God loves us and is always there weather or not we acknowledge him or not if we stray he loves us unconditionally and takes us back. God does not need us, he wants us.

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Welcome to Our World: Review of "becoming myself" by Stasi Eldredge

Welcome to Our World: Review of "becoming myself" by Stasi Eldredge: Disclaimer: I was provided a copy of this DVD study by Family Christian I have not been paid all thoughts and opinions contained is this pos...

Review of "becoming myself" by Stasi Eldredge

Disclaimer: I was provided a copy of this DVD study by Family Christian I have not been paid all thoughts and opinions contained is this post are mine.

I was given an opportunity to review a DVD bible study called "becoming myself" I jumped on the opportunity to do so. There  are so many women and teens that try to be someone they are not to fit in. I have struggled with this problem myself as an adult. There are 8 sessions on the DVD
1) does anyone really change?
2) looking back with mercy
3) our mothers, ourselves
4) from accepting to embracing
5) the company of women
6) stumbling into freedom
7) becoming a woman of faith and worship
8) becoming our true name

I took this opportunity to really embrace this study it was almost as if God was calling my name for this opportunity. There are 2 of the lessons that really spoke to me, the first one was lesson 3 our mothers, ourselves and becoming our true name. Growing up I was mostly raised by my dad and step-mother, (she was more of a mother than my birth mom). My mom and dad got divorced when I just 3 yrs old when they divorced I lived with my mother after about 6 months my mother decided I was more than she could handle so she gave me up to my dad and who was soon to be my "mother'. As I got older I always got the feeling I wasn't wanted because I lived back and forth between my mom and dad and at one point lived at a girls ranch because I took out all of the ill feelings I had toward my mother out on my dad and stepmother.
In the lesson our mothers, ourselves, I truly took a look back at my mother and step mother and myself. Mothers are meant to teach, instruct, counsel, guide, comfort and give wisdom. Our mothers have more influence on us than we think. Mothers can withhold acceptance, we base our worth and value on this fact. For most of my life I have felt I had no worth and very little self esteem until I found God. There are several things that really hit home the way our mothers mother us or not mother us does not have to be a life sentence. this is when we really need to lean on God more to become who we are meant to be. Ask God to send someone to mother us where we still need it. The bible verse that was used is Psalm 131:2.

The second lesson that really spoke to me was lesson 8 becoming our true name. We are our own worst enemy some of the things we say to ourselves we would not dare say to anyone else. When God looks at us he sees none our flaws he sees us as beautiful, pure, and spotless. We need to see ourselves as God does and become her and step into her. God sees us through the blood of his son Jesus Christ. We always seem to be looking for something or someone to fill that emptiness in us, once we find God we find the love we have been looking for all of our lives he has never taken his eyes off of us. We do not live a purpose driven life we live an identity life. The true key to becoming our self is we can't without Christ in us. We are meant to live lives of significance for a  higher purpose. Apart from God we are nothing, the women we are meant to become is the women we are.

This has truly been an eye opening experience. To learn that I was looking for acceptance from someone or something all of my life and all I had to do was to find God, now that I have truly found God I can become who I am supposed to be. I can become the woman of power and set the world on fire!
It is this writers opinion if you are struggling with who you are or trying to become who God intended you to be, you need to get this study there is also a study book and is meant for small groups. It would do great as a bible study for a group of friends.
.you can find Becoming Myself at Family Christian