Monday, March 30, 2015

Review of "A Warriors Faith" The Story of Ryan Job

Disclosure I was given a free copy of this book by Family Christian for review I am not receiving any compensation for this the thoughts in this blog are mine and mine alone. This is a very moving inspirational book that is a short 200 pages that Robert Vera accounts the story of Ryan Job from seal training through his injury and what he would endure after. Especially the faith he Had in God who sustained him through it all. In the opening of the book Vera does state that this is a true account of his dialogue, interviews, journal writings, conversations and memory. The very fist line in chapter one I found to be ironic because I have always been taught God puts you where he wants you and where you need to be at that moment. "I don't believe in coincidence. There is a plan for each of us, a force that brings each of us together, then twists and binds us into a single length of rope attached to our shared destiny. You were meant to read these words. This story is for you and is now part of your plan."

 Ryan's lifelong dream was to be a Navy Seal then after a few years trade his gun to be a Top Gun. Having your pilots license improved your chances of becoming a navy pilot he saved nearly $20,000 by working after school as a janitor 2 yrs later he had his pilot's license. Ryan went to college at the University of Washington for 3 years then he quit and joined the Navy. Ryan was a husky fellow he was assigned a BUD and it was told that if both did not complete the 4 mile run in the required time they both failed. Ryan had several setbacks. Ryan was a marked man all of the instructors the meanest, hardest put Ryan through the worst possible legal, mental, physical, and emotional abuse trying to break him, but by the end he broke them and they loved him.

Upon completion of Seal training Ryan was assigned to seal team 3 it was tradition that new members were hazed at every turn. Ryan's hardest toughest critic became his best friend Chris Kyle. In April 2006 he arrived at his first combat duty station 7000 miles from home in the most dangerous  city in the world Ramadi, Iraq. If you have seen the movie American Sniper Ryan Job was the man down that was with Chris Kyle on the rooftop Ryan was shot by an enemy sniper when Chris was calling all of the team to see if they were ok Ryan did not answer Chris realized one half of Ryan's face had been blown off, his jaw bone, eye socket was blown away and his eye was gone.

Ryan had something in common with Job from the Bible they would both face the fight of their life.
Ryan did not let his blindness affect his drive at all and he used his blindness to talk to others and it only made his faith stronger. Chris always felt guilt because he was not the one shot.  When Ryan arrived stateside at Bethesda Medical center, Amy who was a traveling nurse that he met shortly before his deployment heard about what has happened and came to be by his side she ran and coordinated his medical care. Amy and Ryan were later married at he time of his death they were expecting.

 If this book tells us anything we must bring away with us that God is there and will be with all of us and transform us to the mold he has chosen for our life. War is not of God it is man that war is mans doing. One of the major things that really helped Ryan was he met up with several other SEALS they called themselves SSITH "SEALS shot in the head" it would this group that Ryan completed what everyone was impossible they climber Mt Ranier.

I am not going to ruin the ending of the book for you but it is so ironic that Ryan received an injury that should have killed him in Iraq on 8/2/06 and it was a hospital stateside that wound up killing him on 9/24/09.
The SEALS are a brotherhood it was heard in no time about Ryan's death all of the SEALS from around the globe retired and active duty were ordered to Arizona
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  1. I love this about your review - If this book tells us anything we must bring away with us that God is there and will be with all of us and transform us to the mold he has chosen for our life. Thanks for sharing about our faithful Christian Warriors!