Saturday, February 21, 2015

Review of " Junior Making Sense of it All"

Being a mother to 3 boys has not been an easy task by any means. I was a single mom most of that time I have a 20 yr old who has already left the nest. I have a 14yr old who is about to be in High school. I have a 17 yr old who is at the end of junior year which includes class rings, getting attention from colleges, and Prom. I had the awesome opportunity to review the book "Junior Make Sense of it All" By Lars Rood. This is when I enlisted the help of my 17 yr old Junior about to be Senior. I asked him to pick a couple of devotionals and read and answer the questions that are after the devotion because I thought that it would be good to have the perspective of who the devotions are intended for. The book has 30 devotionals in it for Juniors. The book is broke up into three sections, "Do You Know Who You Are?", "Who do Others Say You Are?" and "Who Does Jesus Say You Are?".
My son chose devotional 26 and 28. Devotional 26 is entitled "You are Trusted". The devotional has a short passage to read that is followed by 3 question to think about followed by "the World Thinks" which is followed by a section called "Act" then followed by a list of Bible passages to read. I am going to share with you the questions and the answers that my son gave.
Devotion 26
1) How much do you believe your parents trust you?
his answer is "I believe they trust me with things more than other teenagers are trusted with"
2) What are ways you have worked to earn their trust? How have you lost their trust
His answer "I have earned their trust by coming home by curfew, I have lost their trust by lying to them about stupid stuff"
3) In your Christian walk, how trustworthy has God been to you?
his answer "God has been extremely trustworthy to me he has led me to make decisions I never thought I could."
Devotion 28
1) What does it mean when you hear "you are holy"?
His answer "you are right with God"
2) How does it make you feel when you do things that you know are against what God wants you to do?
His answer "I feel I am unworthy of his love"
3) What are some action step that you could put into place that would help you turn away from things that you know are not good for you?
His answer "I would always think of what God would do and follow the 10 commandments"
 I highly recommend this devotional book for any parent that has a Junior in high school or a soon to be Junior. I have not been paid this is a true review of my opinion I was supplied with the book and have not been paid.
If you are interested in purchasing this devotional you may do so by clicking on the link below.

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  1. My daughter is at that time in her life when getting the information from any other source than her mama or daddy is a good thing. Right now we don't hold all the answers, so I am always keen on finding resources that she can trust and devour on her own. I remember what it was like for me.