Saturday, February 21, 2015

Review of "Senior Preparing for the Future"

I had the pleasure of receiving a copy of the book "Senior Preparing for the Future" by Lars Rood. I have 3 boys one who is 20 and on his own who did not make the best choices, a 17 yr old who is at the end of his junior year and about to embark on his senior year and getting ready to transition in college which is a life on his own, and a 14 yr old who is about to enter a whole different world called high school.
The book is excellent in the fact that it is written in a way that teens can understand. The book is a 30 day devotional book broke up into 3 sections 'The Busy Season", "Slow and Low", and "Heading Out the Door". Each devotional is broken up to start with a passage to read, three questions to think about, the world thinks, act, and bible passages to read. This book would be great for the child and parents to do the devotional together so both can get a feel of what is happening and what your child thinks and what they are dealing with.

I had my son to pick out 2 devotionals to read and answer the questions he picked out devotional #1 and #23. I will list the questions and his answers.
 Devotional 1 is called "Will This Year be Great?'
1)What are you most looking forward to your senior year? Why?
His answer "Football" "because it is my final yr"
2) Is there anything you are particularly nervous or worried about? If so why?
his answer "Picking the right college keeping my grades up and picking the right college"
3) How do you think your relationship with God needs to grow or change this year?
his answer "I need to get closer to God to let him lead me in the right direction and to make the right choices"

Devotional 23 is called "Adjusting Your Relationship with Your Parents"
1) How do you think this transition away from your parents will be for you? For them?
His answer "It will be hard for me, but easier for them because I will be the second to leave"
(little does he know it doesn't get any easier the second time)
2) Do you believe you are ready for this change now? If not how can you get ready?
His answer " No because I am scared." I can get ready by letting God lead me in the right direction so I can follow his plan for my life"
3) What role do your parents have in your faith? Are you ready to really, truly own your faith for yourself ? Why or why not
His answer " they have guided me to God. I am ready to stand on my own follow God ready to face consequences for my actions"
If you are interested in purchasing this devotional you may do so by clicking on the link below.
Family Christian "Senior Preparing for the Future"

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  1. My daughter is a junior and one of my biggest concerns is about the choices she will make in the next 18 months. We do talk about how she will make her decisions, and pray about it. I know, however, that there are lots of things that can happen in the mix. I may grab this book. Resources are my thing!