Thursday, October 27, 2016

Book Review "A Life Creative" by Wendy Speake and Kelli Stuart

Life Creative 
This book is an amazing inspiration to those mothers who are modern and crafty that use Pinterest, and blogs to help inspire their creative side. I loved this book other that the fact that it is naturally assumed that being a mom has stifled your creative side, if anything being a mother and grandmother made my creative side perk up more than ever. Everywhere I looked and everything I saw I would get ideas of how I wanted to use everything or up cycle an item for a different use.
Mothers automatically take on creative roles when coming to ideas for Halloween costumes, ideas for birthday parties, decorating children's rooms in a creative colorful theme that will be the envy of all other littles. As my children have gotten older and now I have become a grandmother my creative side shines even more. I now sew boutique clothes (had boys now a grand daughter in the mix), make hairbows, and blog. "Life Creative" is an amazing book and every mother needs to read this book.
Life Creative Wendy Speake Kelli Stuart

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